Center for Digestive Health, P.C.

4550 Investment Drive4550 Investment Drive
Suite 260
Troy, MI 48098


(248) 267-8486

Center for Digestive Health, P.C. Troy Gastroenterology
4550 Investment Drive
Suite 260
Troy, MI 48098

(248) 844-9710

(248) 267-8486

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Sante D. Bologna, M.D., F.A.C.P.
John R. Weber, M.D.
Richard T. Willie, M.D.
Partha S. Nandi, M.D.
Anezi Bakken, M.D.
Emin Donat, M.D.
Leonard Quallich, M.D. Wael H. Refai, M.D.
Kerri A. Bewick, D.O.

Clinical Research Coordinator:
Vijay Baragl, RN
(248) 267-8485

Center for Digestive Health, PC has an Infusion Center called WellPointe Infusion in addition to Research.

Infusion Center:
WellPointe Building
1701 South Blvd.
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

A new addition to Center for Digestive Health is our Research Department. Our physicians are dedicated to conduct the highest quality of clinical research while offering our patients an option to participate in some of the nations leading and innovative gastrointestinal research studies.

Our clinical research nurse has 10 years of clinical research experience in phase II, III and IV studies in the areas of internal medicine, gastroenterology/hepatology and cardiology. She has been involved in several pivotal trials gaining recent FDA approval of new treatment for HCV and HBV.

We have approximately 35,000 patients in our practice which covers all aspects of the digestive system. This also includes endoscopic procedures, ultrasound, liver disease studies and motility studies.

Other disciplines which may aid as a referral base for research include but not limited to, internal medicine, general surgery, pulmonary, cardiology, dermatology and urology. CT/MRI a reference lab, pharmacy and physical therapy are also situated within the facility.