Beaumont Michigan Heart Group

4600 Investment Drive4600 Investment Drive
Suite 200
Troy, MI 48098

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Beaumont Michigan Heart GroupPhysicians: 
Steven Almany, M.D., F.A.C.C
Steven Ajluni, M.D., F.A.C.C
William Devlin, M.D.,  F.A.C.C
Terry Bowers, M.D.,  F.A.C.C., F.S.V.M.
Michael Gallagher, M.D.,  F.A.C.C
Akhil Gulati, M.D.

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Beaumont Michigan Heart Group was established in 1991 by David Cragg, MD and was soon joined by Steven Almany, MD.  The practice grew steadily.  Steven Ajluni, MD, William Devlin, MD and later Terry Bowers, MD joined the practice.  In the last several years we have added three more physicians; Brian Williamson, MD, Ilana Kutinsky, DO, and Michael Gallagher, MD.  Both Drs. Kutinsky and Williamson specialize in electrophysiology, while Dr. Gallagher specializes in CT-angiograms.  This new addition helped Beaumont Michigan Heart Group expand and establish Beaumont Michigan Heart Rhythm Group, helping the practice become one of the most comprehensive practices in Southeast Michigan encompassing every aspect of cardiovascular health care, this side of surgery.  We specialize in clinical, diagnostic, interventional cardiology, vascular medicine and electrophysiology.

Other Locations:
Beaumont Michigan Heart Group – Macomb
15959 Hall Road, Suite 304
Macomb, MI 48044

(248) 267-5050

Beaumont Western Wayne Heart Group
17940 Farmington Road, Suite 110
Livonia, MI 48152

(734) 427-4910